Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are dozens of really useful keyboard shortcuts, including new ones you can use only on Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system. Here are some of our favorite Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. 
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On-screen Search


Have you ever read something online that was really interesting, or really important that you wanted to go to later? For instance, you’re reading an article about computer tips when you see a link to “Cretronix effortless computing.” It’s a long article, and by the time you finish, you can’t remember where you saw “Cretronix effortless computing.” You scroll through, scanning and scanning for the website link, but you can’t find it.

One option is to copy and paste the whole page into Word, then use its “Find” feature. Type in “Cretronix effortless computing” and it finds it for you. But an easier way is to hit the F3 button at the top of the keyboard. You’ll see, “Find on page”; type in whatever words you’re looking for and it will jump right to them.

Search your files and the Web

Windows Key + S

If you need to find a file or program on your computer, or you want to do a quick Web search without opening your browser, hit Windows Key + S. It will bring up a sidebar that says, “Search the Web and Windows.” Then start typing what you’re after and the information will appear.

Open Cortana

Windows Key + C

Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana. She is a voice-activated personal assistant, who you can ask questions of, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cortana is actually amazing. If you need help finding anything, just ask Cortana that same thing you’d type into a search site. For example, “Hey, Cortana. Can you find a Remote computer help?” Before you know it, Cortana is telling you the name and address of a nearby Computer Support Company, its hours of operation, and directions to get there.

Of course, Cortana does come with a downside of sending information about you to Microsoft.

Magnify what you’re reading

Windows Key + “+” or “-“

This is one of the best, most useful, and easiest keyboard shortcuts and is probably one you’ve never heard about. It’s called Magnifier, and it does just what you’d guess it would do; it works like a magnifying glass.

Every browser and some programs include this feature (usually using Ctrl + “+” or “-“), but this one works on any screen in Windows to make it 200% or higher. Suddenly, tiny fonts turn into giant fonts for easier reading.

You can use Magnifier in another way; exactly like you’re holding a magnifying glass over a website. Here’s how: When you press Windows + “+” or “-“, you’ll see a small magnifying glass, usually upper left-hand corner. Put your cursor over it, and select “Views” and choose “Lens.” Now, wherever you move the cursor you’ll see a magnified image.

Note: For Magnifier, and many other keyboard shortcuts that take over your screen, hit Windows + Esc, to go back to normal.

Copy and paste

Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V

You can use your mouse or toolbar buttons to cut and paste, but, as we mentioned, it’s kind of hassle. Using keyboard shortcuts is so much easier, and more fun. Which is probably why it’s one of the most commonly used set of keyboard shortcuts.

First, highlight the content you want to copy and hit Ctrl + C. Move your mouse cursor to where you want to paste it, like an email body, and press Ctrl + V.

Bonus: Ctrl + A copies the entire page you’re on, whether it’s a Word document, .pdf file, website or email. Try it. Touch the Ctrl key and, at the same time, A. Your entire screen is highlighted in blue. Want to copy and paste a whole document? Click Ctrl + A, then Ctrl +C and paste it with Ctrl +V.

Undo your mistakes

Ctrl + Z

Whenever you’re editing a photo, typing a document or working any other project, you’re going to make mistakes. Fortunately, every program includes an “Undo” command that reverses the last thing you did like it never happened. And most programs let you Undo multiple times to correct a string of mistakes.

Instead of moving the mouse up to Edit>>Undo, or an Undo button, just press Ctrl + Z. Simple!

Lock screen

Windows Key + L

You should never leave your computer unlocked and unattended even for one minute. Fortunately, it’s really simple to protect yourself. Just press Windows Key + L to lock your computer screen. To get back in, you’ll need to enter your account password.