What is a Firewall and how does it secure your PC?

Keeping our devices safe and protected is one of the biggest concern for everyone. After all, our devices (including our computers, laptops and smartphones) contain sensitive, personal information ranging from financial records to passwords and more. To ensure security of devices, a firewall is an essential element.

So, what is a firewall?

A firewall is a kind of security system that works to restrict outside access to your PC (or, even to your network). It is used across devices and can be installed for networks as well (at home and in workplaces) to restrict traffic going in and out of the network/device.

It helps to keep your device/network safe at all times and also ensures the integrity of the information saved on such devices/networks.

How does a firewall work?

A firewall basically works to protect your device from any outside malicious attack. It disallows unauthorised software, users, and other elements from accessing your system and the information stored on it; hence, it is a key element in safeguarding your device from cyber attacks as well.

You can also do a lot of customisation when it comes to firewalls. You can easily configure a firewall to block certain specific types of elements such as data coming in from certain specific locations. You can also configure it to allow access to only certain relevant and necessary data type only.

Types of Firewalls

Usually there are two different kinds of firewall that you can find in the market – the hardware and software kind. Here’s the difference between the two –

  • A hardware firewall is a small, physical device that you are usually supposed to place between your computer and the internet to protect your device.
  • A software firewall is an internal firewall that is very much recommended even if you do have a physical, external firewall device.

How can you get a firewall for your PC?

Considered to be an essential element of any device or network security, it is best that you get a firewall for your PC; regardless, of whether it is a home or office use device. Usually, all devices come pre-installed with a firewall and all you need to do is to simply enable the firewall. For example, all Windows devices come installed with Windows Defender Firewall.

However, if you want, you can also get a different kind of firewall installed. You will need to either do it on your own or connect with an experienced IT service provider for the same.

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