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The Most Common Laptop Failings


Laptops are great things for helping people do work, keep up with the news or enjoy entertainment wherever they are, without being tied to a specific location like a clunky old PC. But while they may be more mobile, they are not invulnerable and often run into problems that need fixing.

As veterans of laptop repair in Surrey, we have seen all kinds of issues, many of them more common than others.

Malware and other viruses

Like all computers, your laptop may be hit by viruses. If it is an individual device existing outside the control of an office systems administrator, you will need to keep the antiviral software up to date. However, it can be cleaned up if you have got infected, even if that may have taken its toll by damaging files.

Hard Drive Failure

This is something you need fixing fast, because it usually means your hard drive needs replacing or repairing. You can also benefit from backup being in place to ensure you don’t lose data saved on it.


Any computer that overheats can shut down, freeze or lose other functions. Laptops are more vulnerable to this than PCs because they are smaller. This is often a result of the fan or cooling vents being clogged up with dust or other material, so cleaning this up is the best solution.

Slow running

This is usually a problem of memory, or RAM, which means it can be fixed by adding more to it. In the meantime, try running fewer programmes simultaneously.

These are just some of the common problems your laptop may have. Others include poor internet connectivity, blue screen and failures to boot up.

All can seem like catastrophic failures, but don’t panic – a skilled laptop repair expert will almost always be able to solve the issue.