Solving Laptop Black Screen

Solving The Black Screen Laptop Mystery

There are few worse things for anyone working on a laptop than for the screen to suddenly turn black, especially when there is no immediately obvious cause.

For those working on something highly important, this can seem like a catastrophe, with the fear that vital unsaved work might be lost. The question is, what is the cause and what can be done about it?

Why is this happening?

The first and obvious problem could be a low battery. But all too often it is nothing of the sort; the battery will have been charged up enough, leaving no warning of impending trouble. That, of course, is exactly when you might be caught with unsaved work.

For this reason, it is wise to be backing your work up so you can’t lose it. But that in itself will not solve the screen issue. The key is to understand what has happened and how it can be fixed, by bringing in expert help if needed.

Often it can be that the battery itself is faulty, or that there is a problem with the power outlets or cables. Alternatively, it can be due to an internal cause, like a defective motherboard.

If you are charging your laptop, it is always worth checking that the indicator light is on to show it is charging up, unless you have an on-screen indictor showing how much battery you have. This will give you advance warning if there is an issue with charging up.

When to call the expert

Should the problem be with the laptop itself, it is important to make sure an expert is involved. Taking it apart and trying to fix the motherboard, the fan (in the case of overheating) or any other component.

It can feel pretty soul-destroying when the screen goes black before your very eyes, but it really isn’t the end of the world. It is unlikely your whole laptop is dead and, provided you have been backing up data, you will not have lost what is saved on your hard drive or in the cloud.

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