Remote Working IT Support

We believe ‘remote working’, is not the right term, as you should be able to work from anywhere, which includes your office, so in effect your office is just another location of remote working. This is where all your IT systems and data should function within in the Cloud and your staff can access your business systems and data from anywhere at any time.


Supporting your business
through COVID-19

In light of recent events with COVID19, remote working is a necessity for most, if not all businesses, being able to work from anywhere at any time. This will probably be the new norm where businesses must have the right technologies in place to be able to work from the office and other locations, bearing in mind these technologies have been around for years.

Smart effective Remote Working Solutions for your employees

We help businesses to embrace distance working by providing them with secure and reliable remote working solutions. We offer affordable cloud-based desktop and communications solutions which allow your staff to work untethered while you continue to maintain control of your business.

Work effectively wherever you are

Do you have the correct setup for your employees? Are they accessing all systems and software as normal? Are they taking calls as normal? Now might be the ideal time for an independent review of your IT systems and communications.

With Cloud technology, it is possible for your workforce to use remote working regardless of their location. We can give them access to all the resources in the office. We have many users who use remote desktop connections to gain access to files and databases.

Utilize Microsoft Teams to
help your team stay connected
Microsoft Teams has become a vital part of businesses all over the world. Remote work has become the norm for companies in every sector, and with working from home now so commonplace, team members are having to stay connected using dedicated technology.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines audio and video calling with features like file sharing, instant chat and group messages for the ultimate in communication.

Integrating with the entire Microsoft 365 suite and other third party programs, Teams allows seamless blending of work projects and communication to help you get your work done quicker, easier and more efficiently – wherever you and your colleagues are.
Remote working solutions for business
Helping new and existing clients to facilitate effective remote working solutions. We provide strategic guidance and expert advice, in addition to technology deployment and ongoing 24/7 technical support.

Cretronix effortless computing make it possible for any number of employees to work from anywhere, answering the phone as normal and using systems/software as they would in the office.

Many clients have distance workers that fall under one or more of the following categories:
  • Temporary home workers
  • UK satellite offices
  • External sales professionals
  • Staff that work from permanent home offices
  • Offices located overseas in different time zones
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