Remote IT Support

Our experienced engineers can connect to your computer remotely no matter where you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection, giving you access to IT assistance to resolve any issues you may be having within minutes, not hours or days.

For when immediate technical
assistance is required

We are able to resolve 99% of all issues on your computer's or devices with our remote support technology, if you require immediate technical help Get In Touch and download our QuickSupport tool below.

Once you have granted us permission to take over your computer or device, we will be able to fix everything as if someone were sitting in front of your computer. Our remote support software allows us to view your computer screen and control your mouse and keyboard to securely fix most computer and network problems through the internet.

Problems fixed quickly

You can even watch your screen and learn how it is being done as your problem is quickly fixed, you will not have to leave your Home or Office and you won't have to disconnect your computer and bring it to us.

we are able to resolve issues within the first fifteen minutes once we have established a secure link to your computer with our Remote Support Software, you can sit back and relax while we resolve any issues you may be having.

No network or internet

The Remote Software we use makes it necessary for you to have an internet connection to enable us to connect to your computer or device so we can offer you our Remote Computer Support Services.

We will not be able to connect to your computer if you have startup problems, if you are unable to boot your machine to your desktop due to hardware problems or are having hardware issues such as memory or hard disk failure or a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) you will need to arrange an onsite visit.

Ease Of Use

The software we use has been chosen for it’s minimalist required user interaction, the remote software download should take a few minutes. No changes are required to be made on your router or firewall.

The program makes no changes to your computer and you will need to provide your technician with a secure ID to enable an engineer to connect to your computer.

  You are able to disconnect the session at any time and we will need to receive another connection ID from yourself to connect again, once we have finished you can delete the program or leave it incase you need our services again.


The software creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our server. This a single point to point connection that cannot be accessed by anyone, you retain complete control and can end the session from your end at any time.

We can only connect when you confirm the randomly generated client ID. We will not access any of your personal data or files throughout the remote computer repair process.

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