Home Working Set To Continue In 2022


Many of us have worked from home since the start of the pandemic, and now we are set to spend the next year continuing to do so, as Covid-19 rapidly spreads across the country.

According to HR News, remote working is likely to remain in place throughout the next 12 months, due to rising cases of coronavirus, as well as companies realising they can reduce their office costs by allowing a more flexible approach for employees.

However, it is important they continue to provide workers with the right IT support and equipment to ensure productivity remains high and staff have everything they require to access documents and communicate with other employees effectively.

The publication noted companies should make sure their online HR function continues to work well.

“Using HR software can help you with everything from interviewing, onboarding, employee wellbeing, training, automated pay runs, leave management, employee engagement, payroll, rostering and more,” the article stated.

As people are more used to remote access after nearly two years of hybrid working, there are a lot more virtual opportunities within the workplace than previously. This includes online clubs and team-building events, video calls and web-based surveys and meetings. Therefore, it is essential businesses maintain their IT structure to ensure their staff maintain a high level of morale and loyalty to the company.

Indeed, the World Economic Forum revealed 41 per cent of workers intend to quit their jobs in 2022, with this rising to 54 per cent of Generation-Z employees. Therefore, companies need to do what they can to encourage staff to stay, including better support to avoid digital burnout.

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