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Cyber Security Centre Intercepts 2.7m Online Scams

As many as 2.7 million online scams were intercepted and removed from the internet last year, as a result of the Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme.

GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched ACD five years ago to handle high-volume attacks through different interventions.

The aim of the ACD is to “protect the majority of people in the UK from the majority of the harm caused by the majority of the cyber-attacks the majority of the time”.

Last year was particularly successful for the ACD, as it handled an unprecedented number of online scams, four times the amount handled in 2020.

Chief executive officer of the NSCS Lindy Cameron stated: “The latest ACD figures shine a light on how the NCSC has responded to emerging cyber threat trends and security issues to keep the UK safe at scale.”

In addition to this, ACD blocked 1.2 million domains that were linked with the Android malware Flubot, while organisations that were signed up to the Early Warning Service were informed of 33 million potentially malicious online incidences in 2021.

Last year, the NCSC removed over 1,400 NHS-themed phishing campaigns, which is 11 times the number it picked up on in 2020.

NCSC technical director Dr Ian Levy reminded businesses of the importance of cyber security, saying: “We strongly encourage the private sector to work even more closely with us to enhance the effectiveness of our services to take down and block malicious websites.”

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