8 Quick Tips to Ensure Device Safety

We are all concerned about keeping our devices safe. With the increasing number of viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks; it is, but natural, to be concerned about device safety. It also becomes all the more important if your device contains sensitive personal information including financial records and more. 

8 Top Tips to Keep Your Device Safe 

Here are some of our favourite, tried-and-tested tips to keep your devices like computers, laptops, and tablets safe – 

Keep your software up-to-date 

Always update your software to the latest available version. If you are using an outdated version of any software, you are intentionally exposing your device to threats such as a virus or malware. The latest version is certainly more capable of protecting your device. 

Use a firewall on your device

A firewall is a great way of keeping your device safe and limiting its vulnerability to threats. Most devices, like the ones running a Windows OS, come with a pre-installed firewall. Ensure your device has an active firewall at all times. 

Always use a robust antivirus 

You should have a good, robust antivirus installed on all your devices. Make sure that the antivirus you choose is suited to your need. You can also read our latest blog on choosing the right antivirus software.

Frequently change your passwords 

If you have sensitive data stored on your device then consider changing your passwords every 90 days. You should also follow the same practice for tools and software that you run on your device. It should, ideally, also be done for your online accounts. 

Avoid connecting to public networks 

If possible, avoid connecting to a public network; for example, at airports, restaurants, and other places. These networks are often being used to infect connected devices with viruses and malware. Avoid using them, if possible. 

Don’t open attachments from unknown sources 

Remember those suspicious emails you get now and then? The ones that come with a series of attachments? Never open such attachments. They will only infect your device. Only open attachments (or, click on links) that you receive from trusted sources. 

Don’t use pirated software or tools on your device

Original, licensed software can be expensive. However, using pirated software will end up costing you substantially more than that. Use genuine software to keep your device safe. 

Avoid connecting any unknown external devices, like USB, to your PC

Never connect any USB, cable, or external devices that you are not sure about. These may be programmed to infect your device. Only connect your devices or devices that you are sure about. 

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